OT: The Constitution of 1812 Bridge

IMG-20160802-WA0002The Constitution of 1812 Bridge, also known as La Pepa Bridge (El puente de la Constitución de 1812 or Puente de La Pepa in Spanish), is a new bridge across the Bay of Cadiz, linking Cadiz with Puerto Real in mainland Spain.

Cadiz’s first bridge, the Carranza bridge, was inaugurated in 1969, and is now crossed by some 40,000 vehicles per day. In 1982 the Spanish government accepted the need for a second bridge.

It will have two 180 m pylons, one in the sea and the other in Cabezuelas Harbour, a 540 meter span and 69 meters of vertical clearance. The bridge also includes a 150 meter removal span. The bridge is actually in service.

It is the second bridge that crosses over to Cádiz from the mainland, after Carranza bridge, and one of the highest bridges in Europe, with a gauge of 69 meters and 5 kilometres in total length. It will be a suspension bridge with large towers: 187 meters of the sea and 181 meters of earth. It is the third access to the city, along with the isthmus San Fernando and the Carranza bridge. Given the large width of the board, it will be a high capacity bridge: a motorway with two lanes in each direction and two lanes reserved for metropolitan public transport such as the new tram system.

The bill was drafted by the engineer of roads, canals and ports, Javier Manterola. The works were scheduled for completion in 2012, coinciding with the bicentenary of the Spanish Constitution of 1812, which was written in Cádiz. However, due to cuts in public works required by the current economic crisis, the work is more than three years late.

In summer 2013 the work had progressed but at a slower pace. Since early 2014 the work has progressed at a good pace, highlighting the installation of its cable-stayed span and hiring more staff working every day (including night shifts). As of the first half of 2015, the bridge structure was completed, providing full completion in September of the same year.

As data highlights:

  • The earlier draft described a arch bridge whose total length was 2.355 km.
  • The total length of the current project, viaducts and links is 5 kilometres: 3096 meters on the bridge of which 1655 meters will be over the sea, with a main span of 540 meters record of Spain, with one hundred meters more than the bridge engineer Carlos Fernández Casado, famous engineer of roads, canals and ports, the reservoir Barrios de Luna. Besides the vain is the third largest in Europe suspended class, after Rio-Antirio Bridge and Normandy bridge.
  • The maximum height above the sea level is 69 meters, with two pylons of 187 meters, making it one of the tallest bridges in Europe.
  • They are 30 meters higher than the pylons between both sides of the bay.

The bridge connects the neighbourhood of San Pedro River to Puerto Real with the neighbourhood of La Paz of Cadiz. (Source: Wikipedia)

The picture was taken by MJCA.

3 thoughts on “OT: The Constitution of 1812 Bridge”

  1. It’s said that the most talented civil engineers of the whole world are working in there.

  2. It’s said that the most talented civil engineers of the world are working in there….

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