OT: Pittacum 2010

“The regular 2010 Pittacum is sourced from 200 plots of old vineyards totalling 40 hectares. The wine fermented in stainless steel tanks and aged for eight months in barrel without racking. It shows good balance between fruit and oak, with small berries and spice aromas. The medium-bodied palate is quite balanced and has good acidity and some tannins though is not terribly exciting. Still, it is very well-crafted. 180,000 bottles were produced”. (The Wine Advocate) 2016-08-13 15.23.28

  • Winery: Bodegas y viñedos Pittacum C/La Iglesia, 11 (Arganza – 24546 – León – Castilla y León – España)
  • Phone: (+34) 987 548 054
  • Winemaker:  Elisa Gómez, and Alfredo Marqués. Alfredo Marqués grew up working for his family’s small winery in Arganza, Spain, a village located in El Bierzo region. After studying viticulture at the University of Madrid, he returned to Arganza in the late 1980’s. With the desire to recover forgotten vineyards planted with old vines, Alfredo and two partners began the Pittacum project in 1992. Elisa Gomez, a fellow student from the viticulture program at the University of Madrid, soon joined them as a laboratory technician at the winery. A decade later, Alfredo and Elisa have created four acclaimed wines and two wonderful children.
  • Website: http://www.pittacum.com
  • Brand: Pittacum
  • DO: Bierzo
  • Type: Young Red Crianza Aged 8 Months in American and French oak barrels. Finally it was bottled and aged for 2 more years in the cellar prior to its commercial release.
  • Year: 2010
  • Alcohol: 14,5 %
  • Grape Variety: 100% Mencía
  • Vineyards: Bodegas Pittacum own 5 hectares of vineyards planted on fairly easy slopes spread out over the municipal districts of Arganza, Valtuille, Villafranca and Ponferrada. The whole vineyard area is given over to Mencía grape-growing and run on principles adhering to organic farming methods. The vines range in age from 50 to 80 years old. The winery also sources grapes from other parts of Bierzo, monitoring them closely throughout the year.
  • Soil Type: The soils in the mountains consist of a mixture of fine elements, quartz and slate. The vineyards are planted mainly on humid, dark soil which is slightly acidic and low in carbonates. The acidity ranges from 4 to 8.5, with values of over 6 in the valleys. Lime content is low, less than 3000 kg/ha. The carbon/nitrogen ratio is 11.9 in the valleys and 11 on the plains (source: Wikipedia)
  • Bottle Size: 75.0 cl.
  • Price: Found in supermarkets below €10.00.
  • My wine rating: 88/100 (A wine of good quality) NEW!

The Pittacum project started out in 1999 in Arganza, in Bierzo, a Denomination of Origin undergoing rediscovery in the province of León.. It was established by six friends who were convinced in the power of El Bierzo wine and the need to recover the noble variety of grapes Mencia, a variety full of history. In 2002, the Galician group Terras Gauda acquired 65% of the winery, keeping the same team which was the key element of Bodegas Pittacum. When building the winery they found in the foundations a conic amphora called a Pittacum which the Romans used to use as a unit of measure, and also a medallion with the image of Baco on it. This winery comprehends old vines situated in 200 different plots distributed throughout the whole region of El Bierzo. They are located in unique landscapes, each with different soil, orientations, height and climate. The technical team in Arganza, run by Alfredo and Elisa, creates well integrated oak cask fruity wines. Their wines are made from local varieties cultivated in ideal conditions, following the traditional wine making methods.

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