Une chance de trop (TV mini series 2015)

TV1 premiered last night La última oportunidad (Original title: Une chance de trop (2015); English title: No Second Chance). A French action-thriller min-series divided into 6 episodes of 52 minutes each, adapted from Harlan Coben’s stand-alone novel No Second Chance. Directed by François Velle and starring: Alexandra Lamy, Pascal Elbe, Lionel Abelanski, Lionnel Astier, Hippolyte Girardot. Production: Sydney Gallonde (VAB). Broadcaster in France: TF1.  Last Tuesday night we could watch the first two episodes and I look forward to watching the rest of the series during the coming Tuesdays, at a rate of two episodes each. The series looks pretty good.

Synopsis: How far will you go to save your child?’ Alice has no choice. She will go as far as it takes. But as she descends into her own private hell, dark secrets about the past begin to surface…
Early one morning, Dr. Alice Lambert (Alexandra Lamy) gets up early to fix a bottle for Tara, her six-month old daughter. Suddenly, two gunshots ring out. Everything goes black. When Alice emerges from a coma a week later, a nightmarish reality awaits. Her husband was murdered and her baby is missing.Suspected by the police and hunted by ruthless hitmen, Alice refuses to give up. She can feel it, she knows her daughter is alive out there somewhere, waiting for her. Alone in her search for Tara, Alice turns to Richard (Pascal Elbé), her first love and a former criminal investigator. And more importantly, the only person she can really trust.

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