Film Notes: Andalusia Express (1956) directed by Francisco Rovira Beleta

ES –  IT / 80 minutes / BW / Span – Italy Co-production Fortuna Films / Teide P. C.  Dir: Francisco Rovira Beleta Scr: Vicente Coello, Giuseppe Mangione, Francisco Rovira Beleta and Manuel Salo (story) Cine: Tino Santoni Mus: Carlo Innocenzi and Isidro B. Maiztegui Cast: Jorge Mistral, Marisa de Leza, Mara Berni, Vicente Parra, Ignazio Balsamo, Carlos Casaravilla, Antonio Casas, Natale Cirino, Franco Sineri, Flora Marrone, Jose Calvo, Ricardo Turia, Marcelino Ornat, Jose Castro, Marcela Yurfa Release Date: 6 September 1956. Spanish title: El expreso de Andalucía. Italian title: Il mondo sarà nostro.

MV5BZDQwNDFmMGYtOTYyNi00ZWRlLTgxMTgtZjZjNGNkNGNjYmExXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTUyMTMyMDg@._V1_Synopsis: A retired sportsman,  a law student, and a petty criminal come to the agreement of perpetrating the robbery of some pieces of jewellery that will be transported in the mail coach (or TPO) of the express bound to Andalusia.

Last night Begoña and I had the opportunity to watch this film on TV 2. Though the story is based on a real event that happened during the Primo de Rivera Dictatorship (1923 – 1930), the events in the film take place in the Spain of those times. The plot is far too predictable, but the film is shot with great authority, has some highly interesting aspects, and is probably Rovira Beleta at his best.  

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