Film Notes: A tiro limpio (English Trans: In a Hail of Bullets) (1963) directed by Francisco Pérez-Dolz

ES  / 86 minutes / BW / Balcázar Producciones Cinematográficas Dir: Francisco Pérez-Dolz Scr: Miguel Cussó, Francisco Pérez-Dolz, José María Ricarte (story) Cine: Francisco Marín Mus: Francisco Martínez Tudó Cast: José Suárez, Luis Peña, Carlos Otero, Joaquín Navales, Gustavo Re, Carolina Jiménez, María Julia Díaz, Juan Velilla, Pedro Gil, María Francés, Victoriano Fuentes, Rafael Moya, Emilio Sancho, Carlos Ibarzábal, María Asquerino Synopsis:  Martín (Luis Peña) and Antoine (Joaquin Navales), have just arrived from France aiming to organise a criminal gang to commit all kind of robberies in banks and other public establishments. With this purpose they get in touch with an old mate of Martín, a small-time crook called Román (José Suárez), who will provide them the weapons and a fourth man. This last one will be El Picas (Carlos Otero), a former robber devoted now to work on a rented farm. Release Date: .2 March 1964 (Barcelona) 24 May 1965 (Madrid) Spanish title: A tiro limpio. IMDb rate: 6.6.

a_tiro_limpio-940539993-large (1)This film marked the directorial debut of Pérez-Dolz. The story takes place in the Barcelona of the early sixties and was inspired in the figures of two Catalan maquis, Quico Sabaté and Josep Lluis Facerias. The film is nicely narrated, properly interpreted and well directed. It was shot with a low-budget and was premiered with little success. In 1998 a remake was made directed by Jesús Mora which, according to some sources, is far below its original. A few days ago, Begoña and I had the chance to watch it on TVE-2, a small gem of Spanish film noir, that should not go unnoticed. 

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