Vera Stanhope

91qN3Q7L -L._SL1500_I’m currently watching regularly every Sunday night, on Spanish TV 2, Vera, a British crime drama TV series based on novels of the same name, written by crime writer Ann Cleeves.and starring Brenda Blethyn as the principal character, DCI Vera Stanhope. Six series have been broadcasted to date in the UK and a seventh series is set to air in 2017, according to Wikipedia. Last night Begoña and I had the chance to watch “A Certain Samaritan” (Season 2, Episode 3). I have read several books by Ann Cleeves so far but none in her Vera Stanhope series. Even though I have The Moth Catcher, the seventh book in the series, on my TBR pile and maybe the time has come to read it. Moreover it was among Norman Price’s favourite reads in 2016. (Source: Euro Crime) For me that’s always a guarantee. Stay tuned.

Novels: The Crow Trap (1999); Telling Tales (2005); Hidden Depths (2007); Silent Voices (2011); The Glass Room (2012); Harbour Street (2014); The Moth Catcher (2015) and The Seagull (2017) Source: Fantastic Fiction.

For an introduction read: Graham, Alison. “How TV detective Vera Stanhope came to life on the page.” Sunday 5 April 2015. 9 January, 2017. <>.

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