OT: La Hiruela – El Cardoso – La Hiruela

Yesterday, with my hiking group, we made a circular route leaving the village of La Hiruela towards El Cardoso, following El Jarama riverbed, until reaching the picnic area opposite the entrance to the Montejo beech forest. We continued a short way along an asphalt road until a forest trail that took us back to La Hiruela. The total distance covered was slightly above 14 km. And, with a small break to get our strength back, it took us less than 4 hours. The weather conditions were good, cold but windless for the most part of the walk.








3 thoughts on “OT: La Hiruela – El Cardoso – La Hiruela”

    1. Thanks Marina Sofia. It was beautiful but not all that mild, The slope was some 348 metres, from 1,150 to 1,498. with a couple of uphills and downhills in between. Maybe my pics don’t show all our efforts. But we were lucky with the day. Today the weather is much worst with sub-freezing temperatures in Madrid.

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