The Other Maigrets

maisonThanks to John Grant, online friend and fellow blogger, I’ve just fin out that seven “Maigrets” have apparently never been published in English — three short stories, and four novels written in the summer of 1929, published under the pseudonyms Christian Brulls and Georges Sim: the so-called “precursors of Maigret,” since Simenon proclaimed that “Pietr-le-letton” was “the first Maigret”. HERE.

And John himself had review The House of Anxiety at Goodreads here. The first lines reads:

The first Maigret novel, although you may not find it listed in many Maigret bibliographies. Initially published in 1930 as a newspaper serial and the following year as a book, in both instances under the pseudonym Georges Sim, La Maison de l’Inquiétude (The House of Anxiety) has never been commercially translated into English. We’re able to enjoy it thanks to the extraordinary Maigret scholar Stephen Trussel, who translated it in 1999 and has ever since offered it for free on his amazing Maigret site.

10 thoughts on “The Other Maigrets”

  1. Yes, Stephen’s site is a quite extraordinary act of scholarly devotion – utterly unmissable. Simenon’s outputs in the 20s and 30s was just so phenomenal.

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