Vera Season 4 Episode 1 S4E1 On Harbour Street

This evening I’ll be watching Vera Season 4 Episode 1 S4E1 On Harbour Street, at TVE2.

Plot: Vera investigates the death of a pensioner found stabbed on a train at the height of rush hour. The case has a huge impact on Joe’s home life when his daughter is named as a key witness, and he struggles to maintain a professional distance. The trail leads the team to a quiet Northumberland coastal town where clues appear to lead to one particular street – but why are the residents so reluctant to talk?

7 thoughts on “Vera Season 4 Episode 1 S4E1 On Harbour Street”

  1. Vera is very well done, I think, José Ignacio. I hope you’ll enjoy this series.

  2. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the series, JI! We tried and concluded it wasn’t for us — I can’t now remember why.

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