Film Notes: Cantábrico: The domains of the brown bear (2017) directed by Joaquín Gutiérrez Acha

Cantábrico: Los dominios del oso pardo (2017) is a documentary film directed by veteran producer, director and documentary cameraman Joaquín Gutiérrez Acha, that will be released in Spain next 31 March (100 minutes)

Synopsis: In the northern coastline of the Iberian Peninsula rises a great mountain range that stretches over 400 km, parallel to the coast of the Cantabrian Sea. Thanks to the influence of the sea and the high rainfall,  has led to an extensive vegetation in the forests, and is the perfect place to hide a large number of animals and other life forms that have lived together since ancient times. But above all, it is the territory of one of the most impressive creatures in the northern hemisphere: the Cantabrian brown bear. It’s  the kingdom of the woods, the wild horses, the land where the Iberian wolves hide behind the fog, and the place where fantasy and reality walk together.



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