A Crime is Afoot: August 2017 Leisure Reading

leisure_readingSomeone once said that Maigret’s novels are just a different chapter of one more extensive book, and I couldn’t agree more.

In this sense I’ve only read but eight chapters of a 75 chapters book entitled Maigret Mysteries.

Last month I read and reviewed:

The Flemish House, 1932 (Inspector Maigret #14) by Georges Simenon. Trans: Shaun Whiteside (A+)

The Madman of Bergerac, 1932 (Inspector Maigret # 15) by Georges Simenon (Trans: Ros Schwartz) Revisited (A)

The Misty Harbour, 1932 (Inspector Maigret #16) by Georges Simenon. Trans: Linda Coverdale (C)

Maigret Sets a Trap, 1955 (Inspector Maigret #48) by Georges Simenon (Trans: Siân Reynolds) (A)

Maigret, Lognon and the Gangsters, 1952 (Inspector Maigret #39) by Georges Simenon (Trans: William Hobson) (A)

A Voice in the Night, 2016 (Montalbano #20) by Andrea Camilleri (Trans. Stephen Sartarelli) (A+)

The Judge’s House, 1942 (Inspector Maigret #22) by Georges Simenon (Trans: Howard Curtis) (A)

Inspector Cadaver, 1944 (Inspector Maigret #24) by Georges Simenon (Trans: William Hobson) (A)

Félicie, 1944 (Inspector Maigret #25) by Georges Simenon (Trans: David Coward) (A)

OT: Johnny Cash and Rosanne Cash – September When It Comes

There’s a cross above the baby’s bed,
A Savior in her dreams.
But she was not delivered then,
And the baby became me.
There’s a light inside the darkened room,
A footstep on the stair.
A door that I forever close,
To leave those memories there.

So when the shadows link them,
Into an evening sun.
Well first there’s summer, then I’ll let you in.
September when it comes.

I plan to crawl outside these walls,
Close my eyes and see.
And fall into the heart and arms,

Of those who wait for me.
I cannot move a mountain now
I can no longer run.
I cannot be who I was then
In a way, I never was.

I watch the clouds go sailing
I watch the clock and sun.
Oh, I watch myself, depending on,
September when it comes.


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