TV Series: Line of Duty (2012)

81EllIcaFNL._SY445_I’ve started to watch during this weekend Line of Duty  Season 1. The first episodes are really interesting and I look forward to watching the rest of the episodes and seasons in the series. Line of Duty consists of 4 series. The first series has five episodes and the rest of the series have six episodes each.

From Wikipedia:

Line of Duty is a British police procedural television series created by Jed Mercurio that premiered on 26 June 2012. It is the most popular drama series broadcast on BBC Two in the multichannel era and is a winner of the Royal Television Society Award for Best Drama Series. Line of Duty was included in a list of the Top 50 BBC Two shows of all-time, in a list of the 80 best BBC shows of all time and was the highest ranked current series in a list of the best cop shows of all time.

The series stars Martin Compston and Vicky McClure as Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming, respectively, detectives assigned to an elite anti-corruption unit designated AC-12. Each series follows an investigation into a supposedly corrupt police officer, at the behest of Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar). Initially, this is DCI Tony Gates (Lennie James, series 1), though subsequent storylines feature Keeley Hawes as DI Lindsay Denton (series 2), Daniel Mays as Sergeant Danny Waldron (series 3), and Thandie Newton as DCI Roseanne Huntley (series 4). Numerous characters appear outside of their initial arcs, including Hawes’ reprisal of her second series’ role during series 3, and Craig Parkinson’s reprisal of his first series’ role during both series 2 and 3. To date, 23 episodes have aired, with the first and fourth series linked thematically, and the second and third series similarly connected: however, all series have a single overarching connection, with all series referring to the same criminal network involved in the events of each series’ plot.

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