‘The Bureau: Complete Season One’ Review by Paul Metcalf

descargaYou can find here a brief summary and review of ‘The Bureau: Complete Season One’ (Original title: Le Bureau des Légendes) by Paul Metcalf, which I have recently watched. And I fully agree with its bottom line, when it says: 

What makes The Bureau interesting is the serious way that the show is presented, never straying into unneeded action scenes. This is a gritty drama where real danger is presented to the audience, and we get an insight into the real danger the agents are going through.

The Bureau: Complete Season One is a good show for people looking for some gritty drama that feels more realistic than some of the usual American shows which follow the same themes. Where something like Homeland centres on the action and drama, The Bureau is never afraid to create tension, but never stray into big action scenes.

There’s also an interesting article at Variety here

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