‘The Bureau: Complete Season Two’ Review by Paul Metcalf

descarga (1)After having enjoyed The Bureau Complete Season One, Begoña and I had the chance of watching The Bureau Complete Season Two. You can find here a brief summary and review of this TV show. What follows are its conclusions:

Just like with season one of The Bureau, what makes the show so gripping is the realism that is presented to the audience. There are no James Bond like fight scenes, or situations that feel like an escape from reality. We see the harsh reality of what happens to people who put themselves in dangerous situations. We also see the clinical and heartless nature of the world The Bureau inhabits. The agents are not meant to be ruled by their hearts, but for the good of their country.

In a world where so many countries feel on the edge of war, a show like The Bureau shows an interesting side of situations like this. The fact intelligence agencies fight against each other to connect with possible leaks, and even use double agents is quite fascinating. Put in a real-world context they become even more so.

The Bureau Complete Season Two is the continuation of a gripping show, and it is easy to say that it gets better and better. It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here, and how it relates to real world situations. With a story that feels very topical at the moment, The Bureau Complete Season Two is a good example of a show at the top of its game.

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