The Bureau Season 3 – Official Trailer

To whet your appetite:

Plot summary: After a high-risk elimination mission, Malotru has been taken hostage by the “Islamic State”. Moved from camp to camp, tortured and weakened, he’s close to despair. In Paris, the DGSE faces a dilemma: should they use all their resources to save Malotru, who betrayed the service, his country and friends when he became a double agent working for the CIA? In order to plan an operation to free him, the service needs to establish a direct contact with the“Islamic State”. Nadia agrees to help by getting in touch with a former Syrian colleague, now a manipulative and dangerous man involved in art trafficking with the“Islamic State”. Agent Marina is back to Paris after her ordeal in Iran, unharmed– at least apparently. She can’t wait to go back in the field. She will find herself involved in a very complex mission in Azerbaijan, led by the Mossad– which doesn’t know that she works for the DGSE. As it launches operations to retrieve Malotru, the DGSE receives a mysterious coded message: an“Islamic State” commander wants to defect.

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