James Ellroy, Pepe Carvalho Award 2018

1200px-JamesEllroyI forgot to report that last Friday James Ellroy was awarded the Pepe Carvalho Prize 2018, by a jury made up of Carlos Zanón, Antoni Iturbe, Andreu Martín, Rosa Mora, Daniel Vázquez Sallés, Sergio Vila-Sanjuán and Paco Camarasa.

The jury has considered that ‘James Ellroy, for decades and one novel after the other, reinvents and expands the edges of crime fiction towards historical, social and stylistic grounds that are both personal and ambitious. Ellroy is talent, obsession, craft, work and passion. Choral thrillers, sophisticated machinery, as well as torrential, fighting between boxers of dry and accurate blows, exploring the USA imaginary, our sins and the sins of our parents, the violent rubbish of political and economic power: palaces, alleys and sewers.’ (My free translation)

The list of previous winners include: Dennis Lehane (2017), Donna Leon (2016), Alicia Giménez Bartlett (2015), Andrea Camilleri (2014), Maj Sjöwall (2013) , Petros Mártires (2012), Andreu Martín (2011), Ian Rankin (2010), Michael Connelly (2009), PD James (2008), Henning Mankell (2007) and Francisco González Ledesma (2006).

The award ceremony will be held on 1 February in the context of the Crime Fiction Festival BCNegra, which will take place in Barcelona between 29 January and 4 February.

Source: elPeriódico.

One thought on “James Ellroy, Pepe Carvalho Award 2018”

  1. Certainly a very deserving recipient – not read anything by him in a while actually, but I remain a fan (though his style can be a bit exhausting, has to be said 🙂 )

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