A Crime is Afoot: March 2018 Leisure Reading

leisure_readingBooks I began reading during February 2018, but I reviewed in March

This is How It Ends (2018) by Eva Dolan (A+)

Death Makes a Prophet, 1947 (Superintendent William Meredith #11), by John Bude (B)

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, 1940 (Hercule Poirot # 19) by Agatha Christie (A+)

Books I read and reviewed in March 2018

Even the Dead, 2015 (Quirke #7) by Benjamin Black (A+)

The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books (2017), by Martin Edwards Not rated since it is not a work of fiction but I strongly recommend it.

Maigret Travels, 1957 (Inspector Maigret #51) by Georges Simenon (Trans: Howard Curtis) (B)

Books I’ve read or I’m presently reading, whose reviews I’ll be posting soon

The Lady From Zagreb: Bernie Gunther # 10 (2015) by Philip Kerr

Dust Devils (2011) by Roger Smith

The Castleford Conundrum (1932) by J.J. Connington

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