Flamingos in the Desert: Exploring Almeria (2014), by Kevin Borman

As a necessary extension of my trip to Gata Cape – Níjar Natural Park, I’ve just bought Kevin Borman’s book Flamingos in the Desert: Exploring Almeria. (FeedaRead.com, 2014). 312 pages. ISBN: 978-1784074371.

51r7b WfdCL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Blurb: From flamingos to earthquakes, gold mines to goats, prickly pears to wildfires, and white villages to the sets of cinematic history – Kevin Borman takes you on a unique journey through Almería province, from the saltpans of Cabo de Gata to the Sorbas Gypsum Karst, the Tabernas Desert and beyond, sharing his reflections and intimate understanding of the landscapes, wildlife and culture of this fascinating and little-known pocket of wild Spain. If you want to know about the reintroduction of loggerhead turtles, the history of the gold industry, the ‘ghost airfield’ near Turre, how to take your olives to the local olive mill or how to walk down the Río de Aguas from source to mouth, it’s all in here. There are floods, nuclear bombs, threshing circles, Moorish irrigation systems, and lots of details of local walks. Peter O’Toole, Sergio Leone, John Lennon and Jack Nicholson make brief appearances. There’s even a recipe for prickly pear jam.
With maps and a link to an online photo gallery, this book is the ideal companion for the curious traveller, whether passing through on foot or spinning through the sunshine on two wheels or four.
“The first book to get to the heart of Almería. A must-read for all residents and visitors.” Jackie Bragg
“This is a feast of a book. The author walks the reader through Almería’s landscapes with the inclusive warmth of a man who enjoys walking himself. The narratives are threaded through with real expertise about the history, geography and geology of the region and given all the more substance by a cast of wonderful characters whose identities and characteristics he weaves seamlessly into his writing. It is a must, not only for visitors to Almería but to anyone who enjoys high quality pieces that communicate the love of travel he clearly has.” Ian Roberts
“A lovely, informative book. A good balance of people, places and things, a celebration of nature and the landscape and the people who have shaped it and who live in it.” Peter Adeline

About the Author: Kevin Borman was born on the Lincolnshire coast in 1950. He moved to Sheffield in 1968 and from 1972 until 2004 taught Geography in comprehensive schools there. In the sixth form in 1967 he ran 10.1 seconds for the 100 yards. In 1989 he ran ‘The Fellsman’ in the Yorkshire Dales (61 miles and 11,000’ of climb) in 16 hours. Now he just walks about a bit. Between 1989 and 2004 he also worked as a writer, photographer, reviewer and news editor for High magazine. He has written several books and contributed well over 300 articles to a wide range of magazines and journals. In 2003 he received an Award for Excellence for his regular Walking World column in High from the Outdoor Writers’ Guild. His interests include natural history, hillwalking, travel, music, writing, dark chocolate and the occasional glass of red wine. He has been exploring Almería since buying a house there with his wife Troy Roberts in 2005.

I’m planning to read it soon. Stay tuned.

I share with the Author his interests on ‘hillwalking, travel, music, writing, dark chocolate and the occasional glass of red wine’, along with the year of birth.

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OT: Cactus Níjar

Last Saturday, together with Begoña and her sister, we visited Cactus Nijar. Its owner and founder Toni Brugger arrived at Níjar from Austria some seventeen years ago. He once told the Financial Times: ‘I wanted to create a new nursery, one that I could live in, and one where I could make a garden as well as somewhere to sell plants from.’ The inspiration came primarily from the landscape and a desire to offer plants that would thrive in the local conditions and in gardens where toughness and drought tolerance are essential. (You can read the entire article here).

Camino del Campo, 04100 Níjar, Spain. Phone: +34 650 84 60 19. https://www.facebook.com/cactusnijar/



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