My Current Wish List

2010-11-11-my-wish-list-resize-300x231_thumbIn no particular order

  1. This Is What Happened by Mick Herron
  2. Defectors: A Novel by Joseph Kanon
  3. La transparencia del tiempo (Serie Mario Conde) de Leonardo Padura
  4. Cuando sale la reclusa de Fred Vargas
  5. London Rules: Jackson Lamb Thriller 5 by Mick Herron
  6. Zen and the Art of Murder (The Black Forest Investigations Book 1) by Oliver Bottini
  7. Greeks Bearing Gifts (A Bernie Gunther Novel) by Philip Kerr
  8. The Shadow Killer by Arnaldur Indridason
  9. Persons Unknown by Susie Steiner
  10. Watch Her Disappear (Zigic & Ferreira 4) by Eva Dolan
  11. A Necessary Evil by Abir Mukherjee
  12. A Legacy of Spies by John le Carré
  13. Weeping Waters by Karin Brynard
  14. The House by Simon Lelic
  15. On the Java Ridge by Jock Serong
  16. The City of Lies (Stefan Gillespie Book 4) by Michael Russell
  17. The Seagull (Vera Stanhope Book 8) by Ann Cleeves
  18. Big Sister (Varg Veum) by Gunnar Staalesen
  19. Friends and Traitors (Inspector Troy series) by John Lawton
  20. A Straits Settlement (Superintendent Le Fanu Mystery Series Book 3) by Brian Stoddart

One thought on “My Current Wish List

  1. You have a fine list here, José Ignacio. I’m very much interested in the Mukherjee, the Serong, and the Steiner. And I think you will enjoy the Stoddart – I hope you will.

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