OT: Monastery of Santa María la Real (Aguilar de Campoo, Palencia)

Overlooked from the Aguilón rock by a 12th-century castle, the town of Aguilar de Campoo is a key point on the route of Palencia’s Romanesque heritage. Among its most attractive sights is the arcaded square, where you will find the collegiate church of San Miguel. This 14th century temple is equipped with a museum which includes the parish treasure, with precious metalwork, paintings and ivory. No less important is the monastery of Santa María la Real, a fine example of the pre-Gothic style which is among the oldest in Spain. Its church houses a museum with a rich and varied collection of Romanesque works. And, finally, is the hermitage of Santa Cecilia, complete with its charismatic tower. (Source: https://www.spain.info/en/que-quieres/ciudades-pueblos/otros-destinos/aguilar_de_campoo.html)

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OT: El Soplao (Cantabria)

El Soplao, a cave discovered in the early twentieth century, is considered one of the great geology wonders, treasuring an authentic paradise of speleothems.
Everyone who comes to visit, can explore it during a route that is surprising due to the abundance, magnificence and diversity of its eccentric formations, which are what make El Soplao “A Unique Cave”.

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I visited El Soplao yesterday.

OT: In case someone noticed my absence

Together with my hiking group, I spent a few days in Asturias, near Llanes to be exact, and we climbed to the Peak Mofrechu. Peak Mofrechu is the highest mountain in the municipality of Ribadesella, it is an excellent route, suitable for all people, from which to see the mountains and the Asturian landscape. From its summit (891 metres) we can see a wonderful view of the Oriental coast of Asturias and all of the surrounding mountains, including the Peaks of Europe. Although the day was a bit cloudy, we could glimpse the majestic Peaks of Europe, towering over the clouds.


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