Trapped (Icelandic TV series)

274dca10463eb28c17abd0ce56d9ce7b7564d39cLast night, almost by pure chance, Begoña and I started to see Trapped. Trapped (Icelandic: Ófærð), according to Wikipedia, is an Icelandic mystery television series created by Baltasar Kormákur and produced by RVK Studios. After its first screening at the Toronto International Film Festival on 20 September 2015, it was first broadcast on RÚV on 27 December. It has since been sold to numerous broadcasters across the world, including the BBC, which began screening it on 13 February 2016. The Weinstein Company purchased the US distribution rights. In September 2016, RÚV announced that a second 10-episode season had been commissioned for release in late 2018, to feature the same lead characters facing “an even more complex and challenging murder case”.

Glenn Harper at his blog International Noir Fiction, wrote: ‘Baltasar Kormákur. is the force behind Trapped, a claustrophobic series based in a fishing town in the far north of the country (the BBC ran the series, and it was, and may still be, available on Viceland in the U.S.). Trapped deals with a ferry that arrives in the northern town at the same time as a headless corpse, and the police sequestration of the ship in order to investigate the murder leads to multiple unfortunate consequences, for the police chief, the mayor, the boat captain, and many others. The series is beautifully made and features intense and impeccable acting.’

We have only seen the first episode out of the 10 that make up the first season, but we are already hooked on the series. Stay tuned.

Episode One: In a small Icelandic fishing port, a ferry docks. That same day a dismembered body is found in the river, sparking an investigation and a call to Reykjavik for detective reinforcements to assist the small local police force. With the ferry held in dock and a bad snowstorm threatening to cut off the town, chief of police Andri is under pressure to deliver results quickly. (Source: BBC)

‘Trapped’: TIFF Review at The Hollywood Reporter

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