My Film Notes: El Clavo (1944) directed by Rafael Gil

Cartel 40-El clavoES / 99 min / b&w /Compañía Industrial Film Español S.A. (CIFESA). Dir: Rafael Gil. Pro: Alfredo Matas Scr: Rafael Gil, Eduardo Marquina (dialogues), based on a short story by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón. Cin: Alfredo Fraile. Mus: Juan Quintero . Cast: Amparo Rivelles, Rafael Durán, Juan Espantaleón, Milagros Leal, Joaquin Roa, Ramon Martori, Irene Caba Alba, Rafaela Satorrés, Manuel Arbó, Jesús Tordesillas, Adela González, José Franco, José Portés, Julio Infiesta, Felix Fernández, Pablo Muñiz, Enrique Herreros, José Ramín Giner, José María Lado, Pedro Mascaró, Camino Garrigó, Juan Calvo, Concha Fernández, Pablo Hidalgo, Juana Mansó, Alfonso de Córdoba, Manuel Requena, y Rafael Bardem. Synopsis: A rural magistrate tries to solve the mystery of a man’s death that turns to murder in the light of new events, while searching for his lost love, a beautiful and enigmatic woman who suddenly disappeared. Release dates: 5 October 1944 (Madrid); 30 June 1949 (US). IMDb Rating: 6.8.

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