August 2019 Overview

monthly recapI would like to pick up the old habit of writing a small summary of my readings during the previous month. So here we go, in August 2019 I read and posted my notes on the following books:

Third Girl, 1966 (Hercule Poirot #30) by Agatha Christie

Cold Hearts, 2013 (Varg Veum #16) by Gunnar Staalesen (tr. Don Bartlett)

The Perfect Murder Case, 1929 (Ludovic Travers #2) by Christopher Bush

”El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan”, 1941 de Jorge Luis Borges

“Hombre de la esquina rosada” un cuento de 1935 de Jorge Luis Borges

“Historia de Rosendo Juárez” un cuento de 1970 de Jorge Luis Borges

“Abenjacán el Bojarí, muerto en su laberinto” un cuento de 1951 de Jorge Luis Borges

The Murders In The Rue Morgue And Other Stories by Edgar Allan Poe

”The Oblong Box” (1844), a short story by Edgar Allan Poe

Tragedy at Law, 1942 (Francis Pettigrew #1 & Inspector Mallet #4) by Cyril Hare

Nothing to be excited about, taking into account that there are some re-reads and several short stories which, in the best case, account for five books in total. I’m not a fast reader. Besides I don’t plan to enter into a contest to see who reads more books. I personally incline more on quality than quantity.

Another point which I would like to stress is that I don’t know how I can organised myself, but  I seldom fulfil my reading plans. There’s always some book/author that stands in, but, anyway, I was able to read last month one Poirot, though no Maigret, and I  managed to finish the last book in The Justice Game.

Last but not least, maybe the highlight of this month was, at my age, my discovery of Edgar Allan Poe.

It remains for me to wish you many and exciting readings in this September that has only just started. Stay tuned.

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