2020 Book Notes

Hag’s Nook, 1933 (Dr Gideon Fell #1) by John Dickson Carr (A)

Death of Jezebel, 1948 (Inspector Cockrill #4) by Christianna Brand (A+)

Gallows Court, 2018 by Martin Edwards (A+)

The Teahouse Detective: The Old Man in the Corner (1908) by Baroness Orczy (B)

“Tema del traidor y del héroe” un cuento de 1944 de Jorge Luis Borges (A+)

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1892) by Arthur Conan Doyle (A)

The Sign of Four (1890) by Arthur Conan Doyle (B)

“The Little Old Man of Batignolles” (1876) a short story by Émile Gaboriau (A)

The Notting Hill Mystery (1865) by Charles Warren Adams (D)

“Footprints in the Jungle” (1927) a short story by W. Somerset Maugham (A)

Bloody Murder. From the Detective Story to the Crime Novel: A History (1972) by Julian Symons Since this is not a work of fiction, I’m not going to give it any rating.

Murder en Route: An Anthony Bathurst Mystery, 1930 (Anthony Bathurst Mysteries Book # 8) by Brian Flynn (A)

Maigret and the Nahour Case, 1966 (Inspector Maigret #65) by Georges Simenon (tr. William Hobson) (A)

The Mad Hatter Mystery, 1933 (Dr Gideon Fell #2) by John Dickson Carr (A)

The Pale Horse, 1961 by Agatha Christie (A)

Ronda del Guinardó, 1984 by Juan Marsé (A)

The Body in the Library, 1942 (Miss Marple #2) by Agatha Christie (A+)

The Secret of High Eldersham, 1930 (Desmond Merrion #1) by Miles Burton (B)

Accident by Design, 1950 (Robert MacDonald #34) by E. C. R. Lorac (A)

The Crooked Hinge, 1938 (Dr Gideon Fell # 8) by John Dickson Carr (A)

Maigret and the Informer, 1971 (Inspector Maigret #74) by Georges Simenon (trans.: William Hobson) (B)

Death at Four Corners, 1929 (Scott Egerton # 3) by Anthony Gilbert (B)

Mystery at Lynden Sands, 1928 (Sir Clinton Driffield # 4) by J. J. Connington (A)

Inspector French and the Starvel Tragedy, 1927 (Inspector French # 3) by Freeman Wills Crofts (A+)

El asesino vive en el 21, 1939 de Stanislas-André Steeman (Traducción de Susana Pietro Mori) (A+)

The Case of the Murdered Major, 1941 (Ludovic Travers #23 ) by Christopher Bush (A+)

A Pocket Full of Rye, 1953 (Miss Marple #6) by Agatha Christie (A)

The Saltmarsh Murders, 1932 (Mrs Bradley # 4) by Gladys Mitchell (A)

The Poisoned Chocolates Case (Revisited), 1929 (Roger Sheringham Cases #5) by Anthony Berkeley (A+)

I Could Murder Her apa Murder of a Martinet, 1951 (Robert MacDonald #34) by E.C.R. Lorac (B)