A Crime is Afoot Leisure Reading September 2020

leisure_reading_thumbI resume my section, long forgotten, with the summary of the books read the previous month. 

Besides, I would like to announce that, starting this month, I will no longer rate the books I read, following the example of some other fellow bloggers. I do hope my notes of the books read will suffice to provide you with the information needed to ascertain whether I have enjoyed them, as well as the different reasons why I’ve liked them.

Without further ado, last month I read and reviewed the following books:

I Could Murder Her apa Murder of a Martinet, 1951 (Robert MacDonald #34) by E.C.R. Lorac (B)

“The Tea Leaf” (1925) a short story by Edgar Jepson & Robert Eustace

Murder is Easy (1939) by Agatha Christie (A)

Maigret and the Killer, 1969 (Inspector Maigret #70) by Georges Simenon (translated by Shaun Whiteside) (B)

The Case With Nine Solutions, 1928 (Sir Clinton Driffield #3) by J. J. Connington (A+)

Mortmain Hall, 2020 (Rachel Savernake Golden Age Mysteries Series # 2) by Martin Edwards (A+)

Inspector French and the Sea Mystery, 1928 (Inspector French # 4) by Freeman Wills Crofts (A)

An Old Lady Dies, 1934 (Scott Egerton # 9) by Anthony Gilbert (A)

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