Ellery Queen, Editor – Masterpieces of Mystery: The Supersleuths Revisited

After I posted my last entry, I realised Ellery Queen Editor published a series of books, under the collective title Masterpieces of Mystery in fifteen volumes, beautifully edited.

You can check here the contents of each volume. In particular, the Supersleuths revisited are:

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” by A. Conan Doyle
The Double Clue” by Agatha Christie
“The Dauphin’s Doll” by Ellery Queen
“The Cop Killer” by Rex Stout
“The Case of the Irate Witness” by Erle Stanley Gardner
The Most Obstinate Man in Paris” by Georges Simenon
The Murders in the Rue Morgue” by Edgar Allan Poe
“A Man Called Spade” by Dashiell Hammett
“The Blast of the Book” by G. K. Chesterton
“A Matter of Taste” by Dorothy L. Sayers
“The Adopted Daughter” Melville Davisson Post
“The Locked Room” by John Dickson Carr
“The Bearded Lady” by Ross Macdonald
“Murder Under the Mistletoe” by Margery Allingham

Which I will add to my reading list. Judging from the ones I’ve read, they will certainly be worthwhile. Stay tuned.

Ellery Queen, Editor – Masterpieces of Mystery: The Supersleuths

A while ago, I came across the following post in the always interesting blog Mystery*File: A Review by Mike Tooney: ELLERY QUEEN, Editor – Masterpieces of Mystery: The Supersleuths.

My idea is to share my views with you in the coming months, and post about the ones I’ve not read so far as I go along. Stay tuned.

“The Adventure of the Abbey Grange” (1904) by A. Conan Doyle (1859-1930). Supersleuth: Sherlock Holmes.

“The Dream” (1937) by Agatha Christie (1890-1976). Supersleuth: Hercule Poirot.

“The Case Against Carroll” (1958) by Ellery Queen (1905-1971; 1905-1982). Supersleuth: Ellery Queen.

“The Zero Clue” (1953) by Rex Stout (1886-1975). Supersleuth: Nero Wolfe (with an able — but unwelcome — assist from Archie Goodwin).

“The Case of the Crimson Kiss” (1948) by Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970). Supersleuth: Perry Mason (with Della Street and Paul Drake).

“Inspector Maigret Pursues” apa “The Mand in the Street” (1961) by Georges Simenon (1903-1989). Supersleuth: Inspector Maigret.

“The Purloined Letter” (1844) by Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849). Supersleuth: C. Auguste Dupin.

“Too Many Have Lived” (1932) by Dashiell Hammett (1894-1961). Supersleuth: Sam Spade.

“The Man in the Passage” (1913) by Gilbert K. Chesterton (1874-1936). Supersleuth: Father Brown.

“The Footsteps That Ran” (1928) by Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957). Supersleuth: Lord Peter Wimsey (with Bunter).

“The Pencil” (1959; published posthumously) by Raymond Chandler (1888-1959). Supersleuth: Philip Marlowe.

“The Proverbial Murder” (1943) by John Dickson Carr (1906-1977). Supersleuth: Dr. Gideon Fell .

“Midnight Blue” (1960) by Ross Macdonald (1915-1983). Supersleuth: Lew Archer.

“One Morning They’ll Hang Him” (1950) by Margery Allingham (1904-1966). Supersleuth: Albert Campion.

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