A Crime is Afoot Leisure Reading April 2021


I read last month:

The Moving Finger, 1942 (Miss Marple #3) by Agatha Christie

Whose Body? 1923 (Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery # 1) by Dorothy L. Sayers

“Chinoiserie” (1935) a s.s. by Helen McCloy

The Deadly Truth, 1941 (Dr Basil Willing #3) by Helen McCloy

The Man in the Moonlight, 1940 (The Dr Basil Willing Mysteries Book #2), by Helen McCloy

Through a Glass, Darkly, 1950 (Dr Basil Willing # 8) by Helen McCloy

“The Silent Informer”aka “Murder Stops the Music”, 1957 (Dr Basil Willing s.s.) by Helen McCloy

Mr Splitfoot, 1968 (Dr. Basil Willing #12) by Helen McCloy

Two-Thirds of a Ghost, 1956 (Dr Basil Willing # 11) by Helen McCloy

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