The journalist and the writer in search of the truth. The construction of the detectives in the oeuvre of María Elvira Bermúdez

rosario-lucas-704x4001Abstract: This essay provides an approach to the work of María Elvira Bermúdez, a pioneering writer of the Mexican crime story, whose literary and critical work helped to lay the foundations of the genre in the country. The following pages mainly focus on the stories from the book Muerte a la zaga (1985) and on the analysis by Armando H. Zozaya and María Elena Morán, amateur detectives created by Bermúdez to solve the enigmas that she poses. In their respective stories, both characters will seek to find out the truth; Zozaya’s instrument will be journalism, while Morán’s weapon will be literature. The purpose of the study centered on the construction of these characters and their research methods is to highlight Bermúdez’s motivations and narrative peculiarities, as well as to better understand the development of crime fiction in Mexico and the importance of this author’s work for Mexican literature.

This essay (in Spanish) can be downloaded here. I take this opportunity to apologise for my mistake in my previous post Diferentes razones tiene la muerte (1953), de María Elvira Bermúdez, where I wrongly wrote Zozoya instead of Zozaya. It has already been corrected.

By the way, English speakers have the opportunity to read a short story by María Elvira Bermúdez ‘The Puzzle of the Broken Watch’ (Spanish title: “El embrollo del reloj”), included in Foreign Bodies, edited by Martin Edwards (The British Library Crime Classics, 2018)

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