2022 Book Notes

The Forbidden House (1932) by Michel Herbert & Eugene Wyl (translated by John Pugmire)

The Cases of Lieutenant Timothy Trant (2019), by Q. Patrick (Richard Webb and Hugh Wheeler)

These Names Make Clues, 1937 (Robert MacDonald #12) by E. C. R. Lorac

Murder in the Basement, 1932 (Roger Sheringham Cases #8) by Anthony Berkeley

Unnatural Death, 1927 (Lord Peter Wimsey #3) by Dorothy L Sayers

The D’Arblay Mystery, 1926 (Dr Thorndyke Mysteries #13) by R. Austin Freeman

‘The Avenging Chance’, 1928 s.s. by Anthony Berkeley

The Poisoned Chocolates Case (Revisited and updated on 13/02/2022), 1929 (Roger Sheringham Cases #5) by Anthony Berkeley

Elusion Aforethought: The Life and Writing of Anthony Berkeley Cox (1996) by Malcolm J. Turnbull

The Wintringham Mystery: Cicely Disappears, 1927 by Anthony Berkeley

Jumping Jenny, 1933 (Roger Sheringham Cases #9) by Anthony Berkeley

The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, 1927 by Arthur Conan Doyle

Overture to Death, 1939 (Roderick Alleyn #8) by Ngaio Marsh

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1933) by Vincent Starrett

The 9.50 Up Express and Other Stories (s.s. collected 2020) by Freeman Wills Crofts

Hunt in the Dark, (s.s collected 2021) by Q. Patrick

Go, Lovely Rose (1954) by Jean Potts

Post After Post-Mortem: An Oxfordshire Mystery, 1936 (Inspector Macdonald # 11) by E.C.R. Lorac

Who’s Calling?, 1941 (Dr. Basil Willing #5) by Helen McCloy

Sleeping Murder, 1976 (Miss Marple # 12) by Agatha Christie

A Caribbean Mystery, 1964 (Miss Marple # 10) by Agatha Christie

The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side, 1962 (Miss Marple # 9) by Agatha Christie

Clues to Christie: The Definitive Guide to Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Tommy & Tuppence and All of Agatha Christie’s Mysteries

At Bertram’s Hotel, 1965 (Miss Marple # 11) by Agatha Christie

The Piccadilly Murder, 1929 by Anthony Berkeley

The Problem of the Green Capsule aka The Black Spectacles, 1939 (Dr Gideon Fell # 10) by John Dickson Carr

The White Priory Murders, 1934 (Sir Henry Merrivale # 2) by John Dickson Carr, writing as Carter Dickson

The Crooked Wreath aka Suddenly at His Residence, 1946 (Inspector Cockrill #3) by Christianna Brand

The Seat of the Scornful: A Devon Mystery aka Death Turns the Tables, 1941 (Dr Gideon Fell #14) by John Dickson Carr

Death on Gokumon Island, 1947 – 1948 (Detective Kosuke Kindaichi # 2) by Seishi Yokomizo (translated by Louise Heal Kawai)

Whistle Up The Devil (1953) by Derek Smith

The Life of Crime: Detecting the History of Mysteries and their Creators (2022) by Martin Edwards

“Finger Man” (1934) a novella by Raymond Chandler (Updated 3 August 2022)

Come to Paddington Fair (1997) by Derek Smith

“Death Stops at a Tourist Camp” (1936) a novella by Leslie Ford

The Red Pavilion, 1961 by Robert Van Gulik

Death and the Conjuror (2022) by Tom Mead

Death in the Tunnel, 1936 (Desmond Merrion # 13) by Miles Burton

“The Masque of the Red Death” (1842) s.s. by Edgar Allan Poe

The Eight of Swords, 1934 (Dr Gideon Fell # 3) by John Dickson Carr

Blackstone Fell, 2022 (Rachel Savernake #3) by Martin Edwards

“Mystery in Room 913” (1938) a short story by Cornell Woolrich

“Murder at the Automat” (1937) a short story by Cornell Woolrich

“All at Once, No Alice” (1940) a short story by Cornell Woolrich

“The Penny-a-Worder” (1958), a short story by Cornell Woolrich

Darkness at Dawn: Early Suspense Classics (1985) a collection of s.s., by Cornell Woolrich

“Angel Face” aka “Face Work”, 1937 a s.s. by Cornell Woolrich

“Dilemma of the Dead Lady” aka “Wardrobe Trunk”, 1936 a s.s. by Cornell Woolrich

After-Dinner Story aka Six Times Death, 1944 (a s.s. collection) by Cornell Woolrich writing as William Irish

The Poisoned Chocolates Case, 1929 (Roger Sheringham Cases # 5), by Anthony Berkeley (Revised as of November, 6 2022)

El misterio de los hermanos siameses, 1933 (Los misterios de Ellery Queen #7), de Ellery Queen (traducción de Ana Mª Calabuig Cañestro)

La muerte de Jezabel, 1948 (Inspector Cockrill # 4), de Christianna Brand (traducción de Elena Magro Gómez y Manuel Navarro Villanueva) (una relectura)

The Dartmoor Enigma, 1935 (An Inspector Richardson Mystery # 5) by Sir Basil Thomson

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