Presentation in Madrid of Who Editorial

In Tipos Infames bookshop, San Joaquín, 3 BAJO-IZDA, Madrid, it will take place the presentation of Who Editorial on Saturday 19 November at 12:30. The presentation will be given by Noemí Calabuig. Admission is free to the public.

At the table, accompanying Noemí, will be those of us  who have written the introduction to the last books published and we will be talking about the books we have prefaced, namely El misterio de los hermanos siameses de Ellery Queen (original title The Siamese Twin Mystery, 1933), La muerte de Jezabel de Chistianna Brand (original title Death of Jezebel, 1948) y El caso de los bombones envenenados de Anthony Berkeley (original title The Poisoned Chocolates Case, 1929).

If you happen to be in Madrid on that date, do come and join us, it will be worth your while. The presentation will be in Spanish.

Portada_LOS-HERMANOS-SIAMESES-600x886PORTADA_LA-MUERTE-DE-JEZABEL-600x896El-caso-de-los-bombones-envenenados-1000-600x901 (1)

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