Some Authors I Hope to Read Soon

A friend of mine have asked me about which contemporary authors, in the vein of the great Golden Age of Mystery classics, can I recommend him. The first ones that came to my mind were Martin Edward’s Rachel Savernake Series, Jim Noy’s The Red Death Murders, Tom Mead’s Death and the Conjuror, and Roger Ormerod’s Time to Kill. And I started looking for other contemporary authors that I have on my TBR shelf and/or files:

The following list is not meant to be exhaustive, take it as a work in progress, and feel free to add any author that I could have overlooked in the comments. Needles to say that all or most of their books are already on my TBR shelf, and I hope to read them in due time. Stay tuned.

In no particular order: Victoria Dowd; Gigi Pandian; James Scott Byrnside; Richard Osman; Robert Thorogood and Anthony Horowitz.

Any help on which books, by these authors, to start reading first will be welcome.

By the way, my friend is already familiar with Paul Halter, but authors of other nationalities are also very much welcome. However, I have a separate list for Japanese authors.

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