Argentina Crime Fiction

If you are interested in Modern Argentina Crime Fiction you may take into account these three names to begin with. Sorry if I have not read them yet but I made this note for me as a reminder and I thought you may find it useful.

Raúl Argemí (Buenos Aires, 1946) was incarcerated in 1974 during the military dictatorship and was freed at the end of the military rule in 1984. He moved to Spain in 2000 and lives in Barcelona. His books have been translated into French, Italian, Dutch and German. It can be highlighted Penúltimo nombre de guerra (Algaida, 2004, premio Dashiell Hammett 2005), Siempre la misma música (Algaida, 2006, premio Tigre Juan 2005) y Retrato de familia con muerta (Roca, 2008, premio L’H Confidencial 2008). He blogs at Raúl Argemí and libresdelibro (in Spanish).

Ernesto Mallo (Buenos Aires, 1948) is a published essayist, newspaper columnist, and playwright. He is a former militant, pursued by the dictatorship as a member of the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias, which was later absorbed by the Montoneros guerilla movement. Needle in a Haystack is his first novel and the first in a trilogy with detective Lascano. The first two are being made into films in Argentina. He has published, La aguja en el pajar (Planeta, 2006) Needle in a Haystack (Bitter Lemon Press, 2010), Delincuente argentino (Planeta, 2007) and El Relicario (Planeta, 2010) an historical novel. La aguja en el pajar was awarded the first price at the 2007 Semana Negra de Gijon. International Noir Fiction and Crime Scraps have reviewed Needle in a Haysack.

Guillermo Orsi was born in Buenos Aires (1946), where he lives and works as a journalist. He has published, El vagón de los locos (Emecé Award 1978, Emecé), Cuerpo de mujer (1983, Ediciones  Poniente), Tripulantes de un viejo bolero (1994, Ediciones De la Flor), Sueños de perro (Semana Negra Umbriel Award, 2004),  Noches de Pelayo, finalist of UNED award in 2005, Nadie ama a un policía (Ciudad de Carmona Award in 2007) No-one Loves a Policeman (Quercus, 2010) and Ciudad Santa (2009). Ciudad Santa is shortlisted for the 2010 Hammet Award. Maxine at Petrona has reviewed No-one Loves a Policeman.

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