Currently Reading: The Rule Book by Rob Kitchin


I’ve just finished reading La mujer de verde by Arnaldur Indridason (English title Silence of the Grave). And when I opened the post today I found Rob Kitchin’s The Rule Book. I cannot wait to start reading it.

Synopsis: April in the Wicklow mountains and a young woman is found dead, seemingly sacrificed. Accompanying her body is Chapter One of “The Rule Book” – a self-help guide for serial killers. The case is assigned to the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation and headed by Detective Superintendent Colm McEvoy. Since the recent death of his wife, McEvoy is a shadow of his former self – two stones lighter with a wardrobe of ill-fitting suits, struggling to quite the cigarettes that killed his wife, and still getting used to being a single parent. Less than twenty-four hours later a second murder is committed. Self-claiming the title ‘The Raven’, the killer starts to taunt the police and the media. When the third body is discovered it is clear that The Raven intends to slaughter one victim each day until “The Rule Book” is published in full. With the pressure from his superiors, the press, and politicians rising, McEvoy goes after a killer that is seemingly several steps ahead.

Is the “Rule Book” as definitive as The Raven claims?

Rob Kitchin works at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth where he directs a research institute. He has published 17 non-fiction books to date. The Rule Book is his first novel. Kitchin’s second novel The White Gallows will be release on June 12, 2010.

The Rule Book has been reviewed, among others, by: International Noir Fiction, DJS Krimiblog, Reactions to Reading, Kittling Books. Crime Scraps, and Crime Watch is also currently reading.

9mm: An interview with Rob Kitchin

Amazon UK

Rob Kitchin Website

Rob Kitchin blog The View from the Blue House

3 thoughts on “Currently Reading: The Rule Book by Rob Kitchin”

  1. >Jose Ignacio – I think you will truly enjoy The Rule Book. It's suspenseful, well-paced and well-written. I'm very glad you've chosen to read it.

  2. >Oh, I noticed that I had more Spanish visitors than usual today, and now I know why 😀 I am also sure you will enjoy Rob´s first crime novel immensely.

  3. >Just finished it this morning. Really enjoyed it overall. Trying to formulate a review in my head now. A few little critiques, but overall a great debut. Hope you enjoy it too Jose

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