IMG_20190410_172003From 23 February 2019 to 5 May 2019 Matadero Madrid is pleased to host the collective exhibition Amazonías. The exhibition brings together one hundred proposals by 46 Peruvian and Latin American authors from the collection of one of Latin America’s largest and most emblematic museums, the Lima Art Museum (MALI), and from other important private collections.

The title, Amazonías, in the plural, reflects the multiplicity of artistic views on this historically neglected geographical and social space which occupies a significant proportion of the territory of Peru. Far from having an ethnographic or anthropological intention, the works that form the collection are articulated as representations of and reflections on the Amazon, combining the production of artists who operate in the so-called international contemporary art circuit, with the work of indigenous creators who are updating visual languages to propose new approaches to their contexts and traditions. The exhibition includes a wide variety of contemporary and historical works, materials and media ranging from paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations to traditional works from the region such as ceramics or Shipibo textiles.

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