How to choose what to read next: 2011 International Dagger Speculation (3)

In my series ‘How to choose what to read next’ I bring up today the list provided by Karen at Euro Crime HERE.

So far I’ve read Ernesto Mallo – Needle in a Haystack, Petros Markaris – Basic Shareholder, Henning Mankell – The Troubled Man, Teresa Solana – A Short Cut to Paradise, Domingo Villar – Death on a Galician Shore.

I have scheduled already: Roslund-Hellstrom – Three Seconds, for the 2011 Global Reading Challenge.

I expect to find time to read at least: Andrea Camilleri – The Wings of the Sphinx, Karin Fossum – Bad Intentions, Marek Krajewski – The Phantoms of Breslau, Hakan Nesser – The Inspector and Silence, Jo Nesbo – The Leopard, Fred Vargas – An Uncertain Place, Johan Theorin – The Quarry.

Other authors/books I’m interested in: Andrea Maria Schenkel – Bunker, Massimo Carlotto – Bandit Love, Bernhard Schlink – The Gordian Knot, Simone van der Vlugt – Shadow Sister, Lars Kepler – The Hypnotist, Yrsa Sigurdardottir – Ashes to Dust, Camilla Ceder – Frozen Moment, Jan Costin Wagner – Silence, Pablo de Santis – Voltaire’s Calligrapher, Liza Marklund – Red Wolf, amongst others.

There’s work ahead to do and no time to lose.

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