Charles den Tex

I’ve just come across the name of Charles den Tex (Australia, 1952). He is a Dutch author of ten thrillers and three time winner of the Netherlands annual crime fiction award, the ‘Gouden Strop’ (the Golden Noose). Most of his stories are set in international business. In recent novels he explores other subjects, such as the trappings of information technology, identity theft and traffic in women. You can find more information HERE and HERE.

Unfortunately his books are not available in English, but they sound pretty attractive to me. It seems I’m developing a taste for thrillers which I was not aware of. I must be aging for sure.

Have you ever heard of Charles den Tex before? Are you interested in this topics? Are they attractive for your taste?

9 thoughts on “Charles den Tex”

  1. >Jose Ignacio – Thanks for bringing up Charles den Tex. I have to admit that I know very little about him, and since his books aren't available in English, I haven't been able to read them. I hope they will be translated at some point. Business/financial thrillers aren't usually my first choice, but some of them can be quite good.

  2. >So José Ignacio…no before! and Charles den Tex (beautiful name!) look attractive! I love novels about spies, crimes, underground people, black novels! This fascination begin with E. A. Poe…you know! So sorry. My English is bad! Regards!

  3. >Intriguing, Jose Ignacio! I have not heard of him but like you I would be interested to read one of his books. I wonder if Glenn Harper (International Noir Fiction) knows of him?Have you ever read Emma Lathen? She (actually a duo) wrote a very good series of crime novels about a banker. They are classics, I think they were published in the 1960s or thereabouts. Margot has written a post or two about Lathen. I recommend trying one if you have not done so already.

  4. >I am not particularly interested in financial thrillers, but I might actually be able to read it. I can read some Dutch – or at least much more Dutch than Spanish 😀

  5. >No, no había oído sobre el autor. Y sí, si me llama la atención este género. Lo que me hace falta es leerlos más.Abrazos y siempre gracias.

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