The Costas Haritos Series

Following my previous post on Petros Markaris the complete series of Costas Haritos, so far, include six novels plus a collection of short stories:

6 thoughts on “The Costas Haritos Series”

  1. Still waiting to read Basic Shareholder in English, after publication here was delayed. I saw it in a bookshop in Austria recently, but sadly I don’t read German. It was right there on a pile by the till, though, so he must be a popular author there.

  2. José Ignacio – Thanks for this list. I have to say I often wonder at the way decisions are taken about translated editions…

  3. I read all the 7 books the first are full of humor and Sarcasm, 4th propably is the weakest in the collection, the last 3 are more in the line of any trhiller in conclusion a very good collection.
    Best regards

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