Manuel Molina Spanish Singer and Guitarist – In Memoriam

Manuel, 50% of the musical duo Lole and Manuel, who helped spread flamenco in the mid 70s has died today, aged 67.

Their groundbreaking album Nuevo Dia fused traditional Spanish flamenco with Arabic rhythms and styles. The music is recognized for the emotive, yet childlike voice of Lole Montoya and the operatic, flashy guitar of Manuel. Their 1975 track, “Tu Mirá” (“your look” or “your gaze”, from ‘mirada’, deformation due to elided d and double ‘a’ fusion), which features one of Montoya’s most emotive vocal performances, accompanied by a large choir and an epic organ (in addition to Manuel’s guitar), is included on the soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Volume 2. (Source: Wikipedia).

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