9 Reasons to Keep A Reading Journal (or A Blog)

While browsing the Internet I came across this post that I’d like to share with you. Hope you’ll find it useful:

9 Reasons to Keep A Reading Journal

  1. To keep a log of what you’ve read

  2. To keep a log of how much you’ve read

  3. To record your impressions

  4. For research

  5. To write an essay, article, thesis

  6. To gain an awareness of your reading taste, and the changes in them

  7. To strengthen your understanding of the reading material

  8. To better remember what you’ve read

  9. It makes you a better writer


There is also a second part

How To Keep A Reading Journal

  1. Selecting A Journal

  2. The Basics: Always date your entries. Always write the title and author of the book.

  3. Page Numbers on Quotes

  4. Write as you read.

  5. Write your impressions at the end

  6. Technical aspects

  7. The book’s impact on you

  8. Write whenever you want

2 thoughts on “9 Reasons to Keep A Reading Journal (or A Blog)”

  1. I usually do not write as I read as I find I write too much and then have difficulty editing out what I was thinking about the book.

    1. Thanks for your comment Bill. I don’t usually write as I read as well. But sometimes I feel I should keep a pad and a pen nearby to write some thoughts or quotes. I note your point if you just write too much. And obiously it very much depends on what your are trying to achieve. If you are writing a thesis, for example.

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