OT: The world of flamenco mourns today with the loss of one of the greatest

Paco de Lucia, one of the greatest living guitarist in the world, died this morning at age 66. According to some sources the Spanish artist would have suffered a heart attack in Mexico, where he was with his children and grandchildren. May he rest in peace.

Paco de Lucia – Almoraima (Bulerias) (1976 Live UK TV Performance). In this video the BBC incorrectly credited the title as ‘ Entre Dos Aguas’ which is an entirely different track.

11 thoughts on “OT: The world of flamenco mourns today with the loss of one of the greatest”

  1. A shame. I have several great pieces he did with some other jazz guitarists that I will have to revisit. Was his Flamenco style softer (as in less harsh) than that of others?

    1. I’m afraid I’m not an expert to answer your question, David. But he managed to bring flamenco guitar to the most prestigious concert halls.

      1. Thanks for the link. I never knew there were so many forms. Unfortunately, the definitions mostly flew right over my head.

  2. Very sad news. One of the all time greats. Had the pleasure to see him about 5 years ago.

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