July 2015 Round-Up and Pick of the Month

Crime fiction books read and reviewed this month:

The Nine Tailors (Hodder & Stoughton, 2003) Format: Paperback Edition. First published in Great Britain in 1934 by Dorothy L. Sayers (A+)

The Yellow Dog (Penguin Classics, 2013) Format: Paperback. Translated by Linda Asher. Originally published in French as Le chien jaune in 1931 by Georges Simenon (A)

Summerchill (Constable, 2015) Format: Kindle Edition, by Quentin Bates (A)

The Black Dahlia (Cornerstone Digital, 2011) Format: Kindle Edition. First published in 1987 by James Ellroy (A+)

In Bitter Chill (Faber & Faber Crime, 2015) Format: Kindle Edition, by Sarah Ward (A)

And my choice for this moth pick of the month will be: A tie between two very different books but equally appealing: A classic mystery book, The Nine Tailors; and a modern classic ‘noir’, The Black Dahlia.

Anyhow all the books read have been worthwhile and are highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “July 2015 Round-Up and Pick of the Month”

  1. Because us bloggers make our own selections, it’s natural we’re going to choose books we’ll enjoy. That’s my excuse for (pretty much) always enjoying the books I read – although my new “outwith my comfort zone” policy gave me a challenge this week!! ;-))

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