Review The Kelly Affair: Granada by Paul D. Brazill

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Atlantis Lite Editions (2012). Format: Kindle Edition. 388 KB. 20 pages. ASIN: B00CAA1ZWA. ISBN: 9788866654421. Luke Case story 3.(Granada)

The Kelly Affair

The Kelly Affair is the third instalment in a series of novelettes featuring Luke Case, a freelance journalist. Each one takes place in a different European city. This time Luke arrives at Granada to meet Simon Kelly. On prison, Kelly got the idea of writing his memoirs. The problem is that being a convicted criminal, he is not legally allowed to make any money from his crimes. If he sells his memoirs, he won’t be able to profit from them. He needs someone, Luke in this case, to play the role of a ghostwriter and split the money 80/20, his way. But things won’t turn out according to plan. 

You can read my reviews of the two previous instalments clicking on the titles: Red Esperanto and Death On A Hot Afternoon.

With the masterful narrative that we expect from Paul D Brazill, The Kelly Affair catches the reader by surprise. Some secrets will come to light.  And the reader is left wondering what will happen next.

The Kelly Affair has been reviewed at Daz’s Reviews and at The Gamblers.

Atlantis Lite Editions


El caso Kelly: Granada, de Paul D. Brazill

El caso Kelly es la tercera entrega de una serie de novelas cortas protagonizadas por Luke Case, un periodista independiente. Cada una de ellas tiene lugar en una ciudad europea diferente. Esta vez Luke llega a Granada para conocer a Simon Kelly. En prisión, Kelly tuvo la idea de escribir sus memorias. El problema es que al ser un delincuente condenado, no está legalmente autorizado a ganar dinero por sus crímenes. Si vende sus memorias, no va a ser capaz de sacar provecho de ellas. Él necesita a alguien, Lucas, en este caso, para desempeñar el papel de escritor (un negro en el argot) y dividir el dinero 80/20, a su favor. Pero las cosas no saldrán según lo previsto.

Usted puede leer mis reseñas de las dos entregas anteriores haciendo clic en los títulos: Rojo Esperanto y Muerte en una tarde calurosa.

Con la maestría narrativa que nos tiene habituados Paul D Brazill, El caso Kelly atrapa por sorpresa al lector. Saldrán a la luz algunos secretos. Y el lector se queda preguntándose qué va a pasar a continuación.

10 thoughts on “Review The Kelly Affair: Granada by Paul D. Brazill”

  1. José Ignacio – Brazill does a fine job I think of raising the tension and keeping a story suspenseful. I’m glad you enjoyed this one.

  2. Wow! Thanks Jose! (and Margot). I wondered if people would feel shortchanged because this one ends with a cliff hanger and doesn’t work well on it’s own. The next story takes Luke to France and those vultures of the past swoop in closer still…

  3. I did feel a little short-changed at first on this one…but I have decided to think of it as an episode in a serial, rather than a story…which makes it work just fine.

    Good review

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