Maxine Clarke (Petrona)

I have no words to describe my state of mind when I heard that Maxine Clarke is no longer with us. But, by no means, I want to miss the opportunity to add my voice to those who are mourning her loss today. Maxine Clark was an exceptional human being and although I never had the opportunity to meet her in person, since I met her in the blogosphere, I knew I had found a friend, not on any merit from my part,  but through her generosity. I’m sure her memory will remain with all of us.

Please feel free to add your tribute and share your thoughts HERE,

3 thoughts on “Maxine Clarke (Petrona)”

  1. What lovely thoughts Jose Ignacio but you should know that you bought as much to Maxine’s life as she did to yours. We often chatted about our frustrations over our shared inability to read in any language but English and Maxine always talked of how much she admired you and others who can read and communicate in multiple languages. She loved too the authors you introduced us to such as Domingo Villar and others.

  2. José Ignacio – A beautiful tribute, for which thanks. It’s so moving to me to see how many people from all over the world she touched. And Bernadette’s right; you added to her world too. Words are hard for all of us right now, but yours are touching.

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