Let us not be deceived

In the course of today the Government of Catalonia has carried out a revolt against Spain and our Constitution. The people of Catalonia were called to participate in an illegal referendum without the minimum of guarantees. It was illegal in accordance with our laws and, as such, corroborated by our judicial authorities. Our law enforcement agencies, la Policía Nacional y la Guardia Civil, acted at all times following the orders issued by the judicial authority as in any country governed by the rule of law. I do hope that once and for all we can put an end to this farce and that those responsible are brought to justice. I hope my friends all around the world will not allow themselves to be fooled.

Read more in Spanish: Ante la farsa del referéndum, cumplimiento de la ley

In the picture below a guardia civil persuades a demonstrator not to use his son as human shield.


4 thoughts on “Let us not be deceived”

  1. Thank you, Jose, for keeping us informed. We are living in such crazy times. The leaders of my country don’t seem to know how to lead, but they know how to lie and to bluster. It is crucial that intelligent folks around the world keep on communicating with each other to find out what’s really going on. My heart goes out to the people of Spain. I hope things resolve themselves well very quickly.

  2. I hope everything calms down soon, José Ignacio – I know from experience how divisive even a legal independence referendum can be, much less this illegal one. Thanks for giving us the view from the inside.

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