2019 A Year in Retrospect (update 11/01/2020)

First and foremost Happy New Year to you all.

2019 was a year of major discoveries at A Crime is Afoot. I finished reading all Agatha Christie books featuring Hercule Poirot with a couple of minor exceptions, namely Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly [2014] and Black Coffee [1998], although there maybe some controversy whether they should be included among Agatha Christie’s books. After all, Black Coffee was adapted from Agatha Christie’s play of the same title, novelised by Charles Osborne and published in 1998. And Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly, although written by Agatha Christie in 1954, was ultimately never published in its original form and, instead, it became the basis for one of her favourite novels, Dead Man’s Folly.

Besides, I’m happy to report a number of new to me authors which I’m convinced I shall read again in a not so distant future. Like, in no particular order, Molly Thynne, Cyril Hare, Michael Gilbert, Anthony Boucher, Christianna Brand, Paul Halter, and Brian Flynn. Without forgetting to mention some Japanese authors and, above all, the list of books published by Locked Room International, here

It would be unfair not to mention some books/authors which I have left out this year due to lack of time. Like for example, The Other End of the Line, 2019 (Inspector Montalbano #24) by Andrea Camilleri, translated by Stephen Sartarelli; This Poison Will Remain, 2019 (Commissaire Adamsberg #9) by Fred Vargas, translated by Siân Reynolds; Metropolis, 2019 (Bernie Gunther #14) by Philip Kerr. (2019); The Night Fire, 2019 (Renee Ballard #2 and Harry Bosch #) by Michael Connelly; Wolves at the Door, 2019 (Varg Veum #22) by Gunnar Staalesen, translated by Don Bartlett; A Long Night in Paris, 2019 by Dov Alfon, translated by Daniella Zamir; El último barco (Inspector Leo Caldas #3) de Domingo Villar. (2019); The Lost Man, 2018 by Jane Harper; and Gallows Court, 2018 by Martin Edwards.

And last, but not least, if you wonder which book I’ll be reading first in 2020, I imagine you already know if you have read my latest posts, it can be no other but John Dickson Carr’s Hag’s Nook, 1933.


(Facsimile Dust Jacket, Hag’s Nook by John Dickson Carr, Harper & Brothers (USA), 1933)

Without further ado, below you may find the list of books I read on 2019.

  1. Cat Among the Pigeons, 1959 (Hercule Poirot #28) by Agatha Christie (B)
  2. Maigret Enjoys Himself, 1957 (Inspector Maigret #50) by Georges Simenon (tr. David Watson) (A+)
  3. A Maigret Christmas and other stories by Georges Simenon (tr. David Coward) (A)
  4. Maigret’s Patience, 1965 (Inspector Maigret #64) by Georges Simenon (tr. David Watson) (A+)
  5. Poirot’s Early Cases, 1974 (Hercule Poirot s.s. collection) by Agatha Christie (B)
  6. Murder in the Mews, 1937 (Hercule Poirot s.s. collection) by Agatha Christie (B)
  7. The Mystery of the Spanish Chest, 1960 (A Hercule Poirot Story) by Agatha Christie (B)
  8. The Second Gong, 1932 (A Hercule Poirot Story) by Agatha Christie (B)
  9. Poirot and the Regatta Mystery, 1936 (A Hercule Poirot Story) by Agatha Christie (C)
  10. Yellow Iris, 1937 (A Hercule Poirot Story) by Agatha Christie (B)
  11. Poirot Investigates, 1924 (Hercule Poirot s.s. collection) by Agatha Christie (B)
  12. The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding and a Selection of Entrées, 1960 (Hercule Poirot s.s.) by Agatha Christie (B)
  13. Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories, 1991 (Agatha Christie s.s. Collection) (D)
  14. Poirot Investigates, 1924 (Hercule Poirot s.s. collection) by Agatha Christie (B)
  15. The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding and a Selection of Entrées, 1960 (Hercule Poirot s.s.) by Agatha Christie (B)
  16. Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks: Fifty Years of Mysteries in the Making – Includes Two Unpublished Poirot Stories (2009) by John Curran Since it is not a work of fiction, I will not rate it but I strongly recommend it.
  17. The Labours of Hercules, 1947 (Hercule Poirot s.s.) by Agatha Christie (B)
  18. The Capture of Cerberus & The Incident of the Dog’s Ball (Hercule Poirot s.s.) by Agatha Christie (audiobook) (B)
  19. Artists in Crime, 1938 (Inspector Alleyn #6) by Ngaio Marsh (A+)
  20. The Crime at the ‘Noah’s Ark’, 1931 by Molly Thynne (B)
  21. El clavo (1853) de Pedro Antonio de Alarcón
  22. La berlina de Prim (2012) de Ian Gibson (A)
  23. La muerte y la brújula (1942) de Jorge Luis Borges (A+)
  24. The Cambridge Companion to Crime Fiction (2003) Edited by Martin Priestman
  25. The Wrong Shape, 1911 (s.s.) by Gilbert K. Chesterton (A)
  26. Maigret Hesitates, 1968 (Inspector Maigret #67) by Georges Simenon (tr. Howard Curtis) (A+)
  27. Big Sister, 2016 (Varg Veum # 19) by Gunnar Staalesen (tr. Don Bartlett) (A+)
  28. Maigret’s Pickpocket, 1967 (Inspector Maigret #66) by Georges Simenon (tr. Siân Reynolds) (B)
  29. Game of Mirrors (Inspector Montalbano #18 ) by Andrea Camilleri (tr. Stephen Sartarelli) (A)
  30. El complot mongol, 1969 de Rafael Bernal (A+)
  31. Maigret in Vichy, 1968 (Inspector Maigret #68) by Georges Simenon (tr. Ros Schwartz) (B)
  32. The Clocks, 1963 (Hercule Poirot #29) by Agatha Christie (B)
  33. Tenant for Death, 1937 (Inspector Mallet #1) by Cyril Hare (A)
  34. Smallbone Deceased, 1950 by Michael Gilbert (A)
  35. Trial and Error, 1937 by Anthony Berkeley (A)
  36. The Moving Toyshop, 1946 (Gervase Fen Mystery #3) by Edmund Crispin (A)
  37. The Overnight Kidnapper, 2014 (An Inspector Montalbano Mystery Book 23) by Andrea Camilleri (trans: Stephen Sartarelli) (A)
  38. Dark Sacred Night, 2018 (Ballard Series #2 and Harry Bosh Series #21) by Michael Connelly (A+)
  39. A Pinch of Snuff, 1978 (Dalziel & Pascoe #5) by Reginald Hill (B)
  40. Verdict of Twelve, 1940 by Raymond Postgate (A)
  41. Third Girl, 1966 (Hercule Poirot #30) by Agatha Christie (C)
  42. Cold Hearts, 2013 (Varg Veum #16) by Gunnar Staalesen (tr. Don Bartlett) (A+)
  43. The Perfect Murder Case, 1929 (Ludovic Travers #2) by Christopher Bush (A)
  44. ”El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan”, 1941 de Jorge Luis Borges (A+)
  45. “Hombre de la esquina rosada” un cuento de 1935 de Jorge Luis Borges (A+)
  46. “Historia de Rosendo Juárez” un cuento de 1970 de Jorge Luis Borges (A+)
  47. “Abenjacán el Bojarí, muerto en su laberinto” un cuento de 1951 de Jorge Luis Borges (A+)
  48. The Murders In The Rue Morgue And Other Stories by Edgar Allan Poe (A+)
  49. ”The Oblong Box” (1844), a short story by Edgar Allan Poe (A+)
  50. Tragedy at Law, 1942 (Francis Pettigrew #1 & Inspector Mallet #4) by Cyril Hare (A)
  51. “Arson Plus” (1923) a short story by Dashiell Hammett
  52. The Case of the Crumpled Knave (1939) by Anthony Boucher (B)
  53. Green for Danger, 1944 (Inspector Cockrill #2) by Christianna Brand (A+)
  54. Murder in the Maze, 1927 (Sir Clinton Driffield Mystery book #1) by J. J. Connington (A)
  55. Hallowe’en Party, 1969 (Hercule Poirot #31) by Agatha Christie (A)
  56. Inspector French’s Greatest Case, 1924 (Inspector French #1) by Freeman Wills Crofts (B)
  57. Bats in the Belfry, 1937 (Robert MacDonald #13) by E. R. C. Lorac (B)
  58. The Cask, 1920 by Freeman Wills Crofts (B)
  59. The Moai Island Puzzle, 1989 by Alice Arisugawa (Trans. Ho-Ling Wong) (A)
  60. Rintarō Norizuki “The Lure of the Green Door” s.s. 1991 (Trans. Ho-Ling Wong)
  61. Sōji Shimada “The Locked House of Pythagoras” s.s. 1999 (Trans. Yuko Shimada and John Pugmire)
  62. Edogawa Rampo “The Stalker in the Attic” s.s. 1925 (Trans: Seth Jacobowitz)
  63. El clan Inugami (1951) de Seishi Yokomizo (Tra. Olga Marín Sierra) (A+)
  64. The Seventh Hypothesis (Dr Twist #6), 1991 by Paul Halter (trans. John Pugmire) (A+)
  65. Clouds of Witness, 1926 (Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery # 2) by Dorothy L. Sayers (C)
  66. The Perfect Crime: The Big Bow Mystery (1891) by Israel Zangwill (A)
  67. Elephants Can Remember, 1972 (Hercule Poirot #32) by Agatha Christie (D)
  68. Maigret’s Childhood Friend, 1968 (Inspector Maigret #69) by Georges Simenon (tr. Shaun Whiteside) (A+)
  69. “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” (1892) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (A)
  70. Murder in the Mill-Race: A Devon Mystery,1952 (Robert MacDonald # 37) by E.C.R. Lorac (A)
  71. The Mystery Of The Peacock’s Eye (1928) by Brian Flynn (A)
  72. Curtain. Poirot Last Case, 1975 (Hercule Poirot #33) by Agatha Christie (A+)

8 thoughts on “2019 A Year in Retrospect (update 11/01/2020)”

  1. Happy New Year! May 2020 be a good one for you, José Ignacio! I know what you mean about books you didn’t get to because of time. I have a long list of those, too. Hopefully, we’ll both have more reading time this year. All the best to you and your family for the new year.

  2. Happy New Year Jose Ignacio. That’s a great list, and I hope you find as many joys and treasures in your 2020 reading.

  3. Happy New Year, Jose! I wish I had been half as productive as you this year, but I’m such a slow reader! I’m excited as you explore new authors, particularly Brand and Carr. (I hope you get to read Tour de Force by Brand.) I should be getting the Inugami Clan soon, and I can’t wait to start it. I see you rated it A+!

    Have a happy, healthy year, full of good reading and wonderful times shared with friends, both in the real Spain and in the virtual world around you!

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